It's all about instinct. You take action or miss the moment.

4 August 1988
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Stephanie, but usually just Steph. twentyone. August 4. Bay Area. College Student. Facebook & Twitter addict. Baseball is my heart&soul. San Francisco Giants Lover. The Swamp is calling. Pittsburgh Penguins Obsessed. San Antonio Spurs Addicted. Blood & Water.
San Francisco Giants baseball. 55 is my boo. Timshaw Lincalex. San Antonio Spurs. California Golden Bear Football. Pittsburgh Penguins. Michael Phelps. Cristiano Ronaldo. Photography. Digital Arts. Web Design. Music. Britney Jean Spears. boys :) hah

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24 willie mays plaza, 6-4-3 double plays, 7th inning stretch, absurdly long starbucks drinks, at&t park, barry bonds, baseball, batting practice, being a photo ninja, being on the scoreboard, booing the dodgers, cha cha bowls, chandler parsons' buzzer beaters, double headers, drunk bleacher guys, dugout appearances, florida football, gator bait, giving extremely late presents, grand slams, jacoby ellsbury, mccovey cove, orange and black, orange fridays, ordering shirts from bustedtees, rally pumpkin, san antonio spurs, san francisco 49ers, san francisco giants, stalking the boys, stolen bases, strikeouts, team roshe, tim lincecum, timshaw lincalex, tweeting all day long, twinses, walk off homeruns